Sunday, January 30, 2011

like a G6

Im feeling so fly like a G6! yeah! that's the word...last night was totally fun..I had blast..
Its been a long time since my last "green day" Im feeling so good!
All that smokin' high stuff makes me so relief as my daily wasnt that great lately.
Lantak pi la depa nak habaq apa pun..che' tak herau..hahahaha kan dah kluaq bahsa penang.
erm plan for today is going out with Syafiq. Window shops to find my engagement ring.. wow
I cant believe im gonna get engage soon! Oh by the way it's sunday the funday! I cant wait to see him today. :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

I am in control

I am very glad I went to the gym alone this morning, seeing as how I didn't hear from Farrah this afternoon. I have come to a beautiful, wonderful, empowering realization tonight...
I am in control of my life. I went to the gym, alone. It wasn't bad. Nobody stared at me. Nobody weird tried to talk to me. I didn't feel like I was being judged of ridiculed.
I worked hard. I pushed myself. I worked up a sweat. I certainly burned calories. I did it by myself.
I want to change myself. I want to improve myself. I want to be a better, healthier, more fit, more confident Ani. The common thread is me. I want this. I affect this.
I'm done with excuses. I'm done (irrationally) reasoning my bad decisions. I see my bad decisions, I accept them for what they are, and I choose, beginning now, to NOT make them anymore, to not let them bring me down or hold me back.
I choose how, when, and how hard/often I work out. I choose what, when, and how often I eat. I do. This is me. This is my life. This is for my future. I can do this. I will do this. I. AM. IN. CONTROL.