Monday, July 26, 2010


Yo...guess what..Today i woke up at 5pm until now im still stuck at home doing nothing..
Ok la..not exactly nothing..I sang a song on youtube with the lyric on with my friends..whatt?? :p I know right?? haha takde keje ouh..gile bosan.. Later imma go to dcurve..maybe la..jalan2,chilling myself in the freezer..wakaka! ok thats not funnay.. we're waiting for Mirul..yea I know lambat gile..bosan ni cepat! cepat! while waiting for him sempat lagi blogging..just to seize the ticking clock argghh :)
Nak buat ape kat dcurve I dont know...but what I know is, tonight im gonna get high...takde la high mane..5th floor je haha :p u guys mesti suspect benda lain kan? haha your baaaad sucka' ;)
Ait im gonna go now...later *SMocccHHies*

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