Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Its been a long time huh..well frankly i am so not into blogging anymore..but i feel bad to let go this blog..
macam mane tu? :p can u tell me how certain people, they never missed one day sitting infront of their laptop and brag their life in the blog..i mean like must be some kind of their routine kan? So far im not that kind but I want to be that fucking kind haha :p So, what's my FIFA team? i go for espanyoll baybee.. okay hmmm..awkward "__" 

this month is my birthday.. I am not a teenage girl anymore :) haha poyo je..okay okay im 20 years old alrdy and I want to try change the way i bring myself..I mean the maturity. I want to be more sophisticated and look good in the way i dress myself :) I want to take care of my body..I want to get fit and sexay! :) Is that too much? ok and then i want to be the best girlfriend ever.. I now pronounce myself, a WOMEN :) thank you bye.....

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