Friday, March 12, 2010

hello back!

Hello there we meet again... :)
I dont feel like writing rightnow... because I just so-not into blogging...but I will force myself to because I want to say sorry for not updating my blog from time to time...yea ive been busy lately.. naaahhh...been lazy actually...yup LAZY thats the WORD! 

I had horribly boring dreams lastnight... I bored myself awake as I dreamt about hand sewing something, the thing was I was doing the same stitch over and over again and not getting anywhere... has my life become that DULL? damn bored! arggghh!!

Anyways... I start to write back in COLOUR because I want my LIFE full with beautiful colours...yeah! hmmm what else? oh! this MEGAN FOX's picture up there is nothing... :) I just like to see pretty hot chicks..haha.. ADIOS