Thursday, February 11, 2010


Today was an o'rite day i guess. It's just been so grey cold and rainy lately,no fun. Ahh well art always makes me feel like a better person,like i have a good side to me it's hard to explain,but i garantee if i do art, i'll come out feeling relieved again,might sound pathetic and weird,but it's the way i work. It's probably the only way i can let  my anger out and let things go,Exspress my moods. I also tend to find i'll do more creative and expressive artwork when im unhappy,and i just wanna punch something  :p

I found out today how much i care about a pacific person,i mean i love them alot,ive known them for nearly all my life,but like,they dont seem to open up anymore,i try to show i care,by making sure there okay,but it's always a lopsided smile or a hazy nod. I mean were can i get with that? Hmm?
Everybody had mood swings,and low feelings,if youve felt something,garanteed a thousand other people have felt it too,trust me i know. But i just dunno what to do and I dont wanna give up.

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