Thursday, February 11, 2010


Today was an o'rite day i guess. It's just been so grey cold and rainy lately,no fun. Ahh well art always makes me feel like a better person,like i have a good side to me it's hard to explain,but i garantee if i do art, i'll come out feeling relieved again,might sound pathetic and weird,but it's the way i work. It's probably the only way i can let  my anger out and let things go,Exspress my moods. I also tend to find i'll do more creative and expressive artwork when im unhappy,and i just wanna punch something  :p

I found out today how much i care about a pacific person,i mean i love them alot,ive known them for nearly all my life,but like,they dont seem to open up anymore,i try to show i care,by making sure there okay,but it's always a lopsided smile or a hazy nod. I mean were can i get with that? Hmm?
Everybody had mood swings,and low feelings,if youve felt something,garanteed a thousand other people have felt it too,trust me i know. But i just dunno what to do and I dont wanna give up.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The final call

This morning I woke up as early 5AM in the morning to get myself ready for my final interview with Air Asia.. Mandi2 then straight to the make up desk..doop dap doop dap syafiq called and Im surprised its already 6AM and my hair was not completely dry forget about the hair,mcm biasa lah melayu punya pasal semua buat last minute...I havent fill up my application form yet!
Kelam kabut jugak la..but still in control heheh...
We arrived at Air Asia Academy about 7.56AM like that...ngam2

Our first task is we have to introduce our new random friend infront of the judges and other people at the back we're like exchanged information only in 3 mins given time!! WTFish? and then the second task you are divided into groupies..My group name was "THE HIGH FLYER" haha.. I hate my group..its was so lame!
Ok and the final task is of course the scariest part of to one interview with the judges..

1. Introduce yourself
2. Are you still keen to work with us after u heard the briefing just now?
3. If you dont get an offer from us what would you do in your life next?

Im glad they asked me these three questions.Thank God! I did my best and I am very satisfied with my answers..
It is easier than i thought it would be Insyallah kalau ade rezeki,they will call me back within the next 2 weeks to do a medical check up!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Do you ever wish that you could see into the future just to see where your life would end up and whether it was worth living that far along??? or do you ever wish that you could read peopleseses minds so you could tell whether that certain guy liked you or not and whether you were wasting your time or not??? or that you could go back into the future so you could tell yourself not to even bother with that guy or stop yourself from doing something stupid??? i dooo, all the time but i dont want to spend my life thinking like that because in the end i wont have lived my life. i would've spent all my time wishing for a different life when i should've been trying to fix my own.