Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hye O

Hye O ke Hai-O :p You decide..
hehe I just got back from Salam corner our so called the best place to lepak in Bukit Beruntung that a word? watever...
I ate less salt maggi goreng.. Im afraid the chef got tongueache (which is not a word too) so he cant taste any better or he just want to make sure that the customer wont get a high blood pressure :p Bdw..While we (me,my bro in law,sis) mkn2..we talked about HAI-O...yeah...I know..*rolling eyes*
I kinda like the idea of how the people who joined Hai-O business was totally a success..Take for an example,my high school teacher..she drives a proton saga not so long ago..then all of a sudden BooMm! Caldina on the this Hai-O thingy really makes people into a fast lane...I mean like reaaalll Wo.. *blink blink*
NAk jugaK! If i have a lot of money I want to hv a BIG choice? HUmmer..


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