Thursday, April 16, 2009

complaints and confessions

I am so sick and tiredOf being treated like a kidI am a grown woman nowand I shouldn't be treated like thisI look aroundAnd I see people staring at meBut that is allThat they are ever going to seeThey are never going to get to knowThe woman that I can beI may not be ableTo provide for myself at the momentBut pretty soon I'll be back on my feetBefore you all know itJust because I don't have my own carOr own my own houseDoesn't mean that I should be treated any less of a womanIn front of the people that I am aroundSorry to bragBut I just feel like a complete dragI just don't want to end up like my dadI feel so bad for myselfBecause I am always spinningThrough stages of psychological hellBut I have to keep my head held highAnd keep telling myself that I can touch the skyBecause the way that I feelI couldn't even begin to tell you whyBecause You wouldn't be able to feel the same emotionsThat you can see within my eyesTruth is I'm just an average girlTrying to make it in lifeJust like everybody else that surrounds meIt's a never ending working progressOf which I have yet to accomplishAnd each an every dayIt's getting harder for meWhat part of a struggling little girlDo they not seeI know I have the support of my familyBut I want to take change of my own lifeYou know I want to live a littleBecause you only live onceAnd while I am youngThis is my chance to take advantage of itI have no choiceBut to have an optimistic viewIf your luck was running out on youWouldn't you feel like that too?I suppose notBecause you all have smiles on your facesAnd everything seems to always fallInto all the right placesBut I won't waste my timeTrying to convince people to hire meBecause I have filled out so many applicationsIt's not even funnyThis is not a jokeI don't have time to playIs it so hard to see the emotionIn these words that I sayI mean give me breakThis is my life that's at stakeI can only help youIf you help meI guess you expect meTo just keep waitingBut tell me thisHow far do you thinkThat this is going to get me in the long run?


tick tock tick tock....the time is running...and im still here...full of emptiness...nothing is i want it to be.....My heart is whispering..each and every single day....why why why...that is the question...that never ever going to solve...the inside voice is crying out loud..telling me to stop waiting and waiting...because she cant take it anymore...It looks happy at the outside...but deep inside you cant describe...the shadow is covering her....waiting the sunshine to save...if nothing happen then...I have to move foward...and forget all about my dream...ONLY YOU can change make me see the light again................